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I've been doing Rosetta Stone for over 2 school years. My high school requires I do Rosetta Stone for 2.5 years.

I'm in my Junior year. The voices in the program are soooo annoying. All Rosetta Stone does is cause headaches. I'm only learning anything because I use Rosetta Stone along with a standard high school spanish class.

The people talk soooo slow. It is just all around annoying. Not hard, its actually incredibly easy as you can see the answers at anytime. Its all about memorizing and matching pictures to words.

If you plan on buying Rosetta Stone, beware you're in for an annoying ride.

It also only take about 2 hours to complete a unit from start to finish. It is taking 2.5 years to do it because I take honors and AP courses, so I have a lot of other homework to worry about.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rosetta Stone Educational Software.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Very very bad product. Don't even think about buying the subscription.

All it it about memorizing and matching with pictures. NO EXPLANATION OF HOW SPANISH LANGUAGE WORKS.

Total waste garbage product. Duolingo is free and much better and it actually teaches you how the sentence is structured in Spanish grammar.


Since you're so smart it shouldn't take long to do something so simple.

I don't know about your Spanish, but where you need remedial or supplementary resource is English.

Your composition is ragged and grammar a mess.

I would have been delighted to slide through "honors and AP courses" with such minimal effort.

Please remember one word : adverbs .

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